origin´ Splitty For Sale

We found this phenomenon an nearly unwelded and absolutely rustfree bus


It needs a new owner

here are pics and facts:

The Kombi is a perfect car for somebody who is looking out for a perfect, like new bodyshell. k-IMG_2706

The bus is a former swiss army car which came to germany in 1988 it has 43700 real kilometres on it which is provable with a full and more than complete documentary in a big ringbinder. The bus has been resprayed in 2005 in a professional company. All rubbers are changed to nos quality ne ones. k-IMG_2709

The whole bus is nearly unwelded, this is the only welded area like a 50 p coin....


 and absolutely rustfree as floorpan and wheelarches got only a clear wax coat to protect it against rust. like directly from werks
Still got a lot of army features kept.
got a 12 volt conv. only used new stuff like generator and so on all 6v stuff comes with it

1500 stock type 1 engine
genuine army towbars front and rear


plus many more to much to list

Passed the tüv test a month ago without any failure on it

We are very able to speak english and so you are more than welcome to call us at 00494721396902 to get answers for your questions.
or even mail us at info@bugwelder.com 

We can also deliver it to the uk as it is full registered. All you pay iss ferry
petrol and ryanair flight back. best thing to do we´ve done lot in past.

hope to find a new lucky owner of that bus .

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