Online Shop progressin´

we work every night till often 3ó clock to finish the new amazin´web shop with all the goodies in you like and want.

Luckiely "Mr. Huhn" joined Bugwelder-Gang to perform his CSS-Abilities....


.... All we need is Tea ... Cider of cause (thanx mark but it ran out a minute ago...)progress1


And this night very lound and groovy Music on the earphones...



Hope finished soon......

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strong one i love to put my organ in cider. i love a strong one like u too

Gepost door: phillip ness | 06-02-08

Looking forward to the uk trip to cocksheaven and cuming in to your small area and partying with you and the BW crew in the bad times style. Next morning there will be some sore heads once the local brew has done it's magic.

Gepost door: B Burrows | 09-02-08

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