Rare "Half-Panel" Bay Bus for sale

We offer today a very rare version of a Bay window bus


builded 1979

type 4 engine 2liter 115000 kms



lowered ,instant heater



rare version of a bay which has only 2 windows in the rear area.
and walktrough model

ready welded in a good reputated professional bodyshophere in germany each new panel is tined not filled with bondo!!!

scat shifter genuine red rearlights and clear indicators

drives very well. Could be your ride for next season on meetings festivals however.

Price ASK

optionally it comes with a full genuine westphalia camping interior complete

we are staying in germany. If you want we do you a perfect pick up and host service from bremen airport to come over with ryanair or are able to bring it anywhere in europeto Gb for selfcost-refund.

call us at 00494721-396902 or mail for questions

thanx chris

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