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Spring is comin´and the Bugwelder Crew is very busy to finish all the preperations for the Maikäfertreffen and the upcomin´season.

We ´ve done some Pics of some of our aircooled Company-Rides




Psycho done the same Habour location






Jimm Gelee is finishing another interior for a satisfied customer...k-DSCI0055


well done marcel!!!




The Jim is becomin´Pinstriping master as a preperation for the upcomin´ Customize and Lettering service at Bugwelder Workshop...


...and also designed our brandnew 2008 Bugwelder T-Shirt (image is still Secret but a "Bang") which will be launched in finest silkscreen print at Maikäfertreffen in Hannover for only 15€ each.

The "Rythmn-Boys" which are always helpful and invited to the Bugwelder-Office ...k-DSCI0056

...came around to chat about upcomin´run to the sun and their tasks to do.

Ceyhun launched ...k-DSCI0063

...new online Shop...



thanx for that... We fill the racks up till 1st of may and will come around with a lot special offers. Stay tuned

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