Because of the nearly untouched condition of the beetle i decided to do only some minor conversions.

I remembered this page of my ´70 Empi Catalogue...


and decided to do a classical EMPI Street look from the early seventies ...


Here it is: Equipped with Repro "EMPI"-C-Stripe Kit which we also sell in our online Shop for just 99€ per a Set.


Our Empi 5-Spokes with the screwable Centercap in Anthrazite.


Empi Eliminator Shifter, GRANT Walnut Steering-Wheel and Cobra Roadster SS Seat for Puplic-Racer Look.

The Car has fresh TÜV the H-Kennzeichen and is maybe available for 6800€

Please contact  info@bugwelder.com 


SOme more fine mods are following...

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