Comeback with a few new blogs to visit....

Heyho Folks,

Summer almost goene we´r striking back on the Blogfront. Cheyhun not only sprayed Bugwelder Workshop Doors...

Cux08 Juli20080731_1237

Cux08 Juli20080731_1238

Our pale and skinny Boy is renewing and animating the whole Bugwelder-Webspace to a matching CI stay tuned till he´s ready.

While he´s doing this we updated our Blogroll cause of being a lot of new interesting Blogs launched by the people we like.

Check out these blogs ladies and dudes: 

DSR-Kopf orange Der Strassenräubers are a fine crew of crazy Volkswagen-Lovers and of cause friends of BUgwelder


     Ric and Chrizz are some of the fav mates of us.


                         More funky Shit from south Germany



Seems crazy boys are native in the wild South of Germany

Beaks yor opinion please Knipogen


More than nice Boy the best header you can take for a Blog....

HIs mate Matthes also blogs..



 More Stuff to tell tomorrow....

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